'iZombie' season 2, episode 11 spoilers: Kristen Bell reunites with 'Veronica Mars' creator as she guest voice overs for the show


The CW’s television series “iZombie” is slated to come back for its second half of the season. Already, fans are anticipating the supposed voice guesting of actress Kristen Bell in the series.

In “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter,” episode 11 of the show’s second season, Liv (Rose McIver) will seek the help of Clive (Macolm Goodwin) to investigate a murder of a young librarian who led a double life. It turns out that the bookkeeper by morning is also a mysterious erotic writer. Bell, will voice over the dead librarian/author, who will help Liv and Clive uncover the secrets to the crime.

In a recent conference call with Entertainment Weekly, Bell, shared how she got the gig which also marks her reunion with “Veronica Mars” creator, Rob Thomas, the brain behind “iZombie.”

“[Rob] called and said, ‘We have an episode where we’re investigating a woman who has written erotic novels; are you interested in playing the voice of a woman who has written erotic novels?’ Before he finished the sentence, I screamed, ‘Yes,'” Bell gushed.

A fan of “iZombie” herself, she explained that she enjoyed the show so much because of how the characters were very layered, but the amount of comedic charm was also present in them.

With her and Thomas working together again, will fans finally be able to see a “Veronica Mars” reboot sometime in the near future? The 35-year-old actress revealed that there is always constant dialogue between her and Thomas, it’s just that the problem always lies in terms of scheduling the actual project.

“But he knows I would be there for anything were I to have the time,” Bell said, keeping fans’ hopes up.

“iZombie” airs brand new episodes on Feb. 2 on The CW.