ISIS news: U.S. Special Delta Force mission yields good results; Syrian President Bashar al-Assad gives terrorists chance to surrender


As previously reported, the U.S. Special Delta Force were able to capture their very first ISIS operative in Northern Iraq. Since then, the operative has been questioned by U.S. Officials aiming to acquire as much information as possible.

The special operation turned out to have produced better results than originally planned. “Rather than only using bombs, what we’ve learned is sticking a group of [special operations force] people there to do an in-person visit can be very helpful in getting information,” a U.S. national Security Officer divulged to NPR.

The statement mirrors U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s previous opinion that the elite operations troop based in Iraq “creates a virtuous cycle of better intelligence, which generates more targets, more raids and more momentum.”

In connection with the ongoing crisis, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad recently talked to German media outlet ADR as reported by CNN revealing that at this point, the Syrian military has yet to go on full war, giving their antagonist a chance to surrender.

“The most important thing for me — legally and constitutionally, and basing on the interest of the Syrian people and the principle of any state — (is) that you’re not allowed, as a citizen, to hold machine guns and hurt people or properties,” al-Assad said, adding that he only asks for the armed forces to surrender their guns.

Although the Syrian leader sounded pleading, he also warned that the cushion his government is giving the rebels will not last forever.

U.S. State Secretary John Kerry, on the other hand, also sat for an interview to answer al-Assad’s comments.

“We call on the al-Assad regime to, at least in a moment of cessation of hostilities, try to show some measure of decency, if that is even possible,” Kerry said.

“And our hope is that they will also stop their people, their troops and their officials who get in the way or manage these shipments, from actually putting their hands into the shipments and taking out medicine or taking out other preferred items simply to keep for themselves,” he further added.