ISIS news: One man's personal crusade in saving Yazidi slaves from terror group


One man is taking the fight against terror group ISIS on a more personal level as he tries to save captured Yazidi slaves one at a time using his own resources.

The ongoing battle against terrorist ISIS has arguably produced many consequences from worldwide attacks to the refugee crisis in Europe. But while the rest of the world is terrified on the scope of activity that ISIS has, arguably the most affected are the ones living within the war. Because of this, businessman Abdullah Shrem decided to do what he can do to save as many lives as he can from the captivity.

With the help of smugglers, Shrem puts his action into execution by keeping tabs of slave markets run by ISIS to where he gets details that will help him get the slaves out of ISIS territory.

“No government or experts trained us,” he explains exclusively to CNN when the media outlet sat down with him in the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq. “We learned by just doing it, over the last year and a half, we gained the experience.”

Being a victim of ISIS himself when over 50 members of his family were kidnapped in 2014, Shrem decided to take things into his own hands as he felt the lack of help from the international community. Since then he and his network are able to rescue 240 Yazidis including mother and daughter DIleen and Aisha (not real names).

Dileen describes her experience in the hands of the militant group saying “They separated the ones who were really pretty, and made us remove our headscarves to see the prettiest ones,” referring to the separation of those who will be sold as sex slaves and those for other purposes.

ISIS’ sex slave business is one part of the group’s cash cow that he yet to be fully tapped by the U.S. Last year, the U.S. started targeting ISIS’ financial resources in order to cripple their massive operations. So far, it has been going successfully as it was recently reported that the extremist squad is suffering from monetary woes.

Aisha, who is just seven years old, was too young to be sold so she was relegated to assembling explosives.

“I used to make bombs,” she flatly said. “There was a girl my age and her mother. They threatened to kill [the girl] if I wouldn’t go and work with them.”

The mission to rescue the two became a more complicated one as Shrem was racing through time as Aisha is only one year away from being taken and also sold in the black market.

Despite Shrem’s impressive crusade, he is still mostly worried about those who are still in confinement especially with ISIS brainwashing them.