ISIS news: Another sex slave survivor reveals they are forced to take birth control pills; terror group hits North Iraq with chemical attack


Last month, ISIS survivor Nadia Murad Basee Taha detailed how the terrorist group murdered her family, took her in, and turned her into a sex slave until she was able to escape. After what she went through, she called for the support of nations to help free the remaining women and children left in the custody of ISIS.

In a report by New York Times, another survivor came forward to tell her tale about how brutally they were abused by the terrorist group. The 16-year-old gir, whose name was not revealed, divulged that in order for multiple men to continuously abuse her without getting pregnant, she had to take one birth control pill in front of them every day.

“Every day, I had to swallow one in front of him. He gave me one box per month. When I ran out, he replaced it. When I was sold from one man to another, the box of pills came with me,” she said.

ISIS leaders practice sexual slavery as they believe that during Prophet Muhammad’s era, people also carried out the same custom as it is believed to have a huge part in their operations. With the use of birth control, they are also able to preserve the Islamic law that a man should make sure that a woman he enslaves is not bearing any child before having intercourse with her.

Other than the ongoing sexual slavery by ISIS, the terrorist group also launched a chemical attack near Kirkuk, a northern city in Iraq last Sunday, reported CBS. The attack killed a 3-year-old girl named Fatima Samir and injured 600 people. It also caused hundreds of the city’s inhabitants to leave their homes and evacuate to safer places.

“What the Daesh terrorist gangs did in the city of Taza will not go unpunished,” promised Haider al-Abadi, Iraqi Prime Minister adding that the people behind the attacks will pay for what they did.

Adel Hussein, a local official in Taza revealed that what happened to Samir scared women and children in the area specially with how at first, Samir was believed to be getting better after being checked at the hospital. The night after, Fatima started to get worse. “Her face puffed up and her eyes bulged. Then she turned black and pieces of her skin started to come off,” Fatima’s father, Wais, detailed. By the next morning, she died.

As of now, German and American forensics teams are already sweeping the area to further check the chemicals used for the attack.