'Iron Man 4' news: Will RDJ be donning the red and gold suit, or will Ty Simpkins take over?


Among all the actors who portrayed superheroes in both the big and small screens, there is no one else who fits his role to a T more than Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man. That is why when his contract with the franchise ended with “Iron Man 3,” fans were still left wanting for more.

Rumors about the release of “Iron Man 4” are circulating the Internet. Marvel Studios has announced three untitled movies set to hit the screen by 2020, and fans are wondering if one of the three slots is for Iron Man. If that is the case, it is still uncertain whethere Downey will don the red and gold armor again. According to Parent Herald, a fourth installment in the “Iron Man” franchise is in the works, but the 50-year-old actor would not be in it. Instead, a much younger actor, Ty Simpkins, will take over the role in a prequel-esque turn of the story. Fans may remember the American child actor from “Iron Man’s” last movie, where he played Harley Keener, the young boy who helped Tony Stark in charging his suit while he pursues the Mandarin.

Despite Simpkins impressive work in “Iron Man” as well as other box office hits like “Jurassic World” and “Insidious,” followers of the franchise would still rather have Downey play the role.

In a separate report by Entertainment Weekly, deleted scenes from “Ant Man” might have some link with what could be “Iron Man 4.” A 10 Ring Tattoo is shown in one of the commentary scenes that will be included in the Blu-ray version of the movie. 10 Rings is the organization behind Stark’s kidnapping in the first movie of the franchise. His time away ultimately led him to create the Iron Man Suit in order to escape.

In addition, Downey is also reportedly re-negotiating his fees if he will portray Tony Stark again. Instead of wanting a fixed salary, Downey want to have a piece of the sales figures instead.