'Iron Man 4' rumor: Robert Downey Jr. to relinquish the iron suit?


Marvel and “Iron Man” movie fans are, without question, looking forward to the “Captain America: Civil War” movie that will showcase a battle royale between Captain America and Iron Man. However, with the rumors saying that this movie might be the last time actor Robert Downey Jr. puts on his iron suit, many fans have become wary that the talks about Downey relinquishing the role may turn out to be true at all.

It is not clear though whether Downey took it upon himself to give up the role. There are some reports that say that the actor of “Iron Man” fame is already “tired” of playing the role of the billionaire Tony Stark.

This alleged decision of Downey’s reportedly left Marvel worried, prompting the company to try and keep the actor in by reportedly offering a hefty $100 million dollars as his talent fee for “Iron Man 4.” If the rumors are correct, it seems that Downey is really bent on relinquishing the role despite the humungous offer.

However, Master Herald opined that it seems impossible for Downey to turn his back on the role that made him one of Hollywood’s highest paid stars today. The website entertains the idea that Downey’s age may have cost him the “Iron Man 4” role and that the production wants to replace him with somebody who is much younger. After all, Downey is already 50 years old. 

With this speculation, it is likely that the production is already looking for a new actor to suit up as Iron Man. Should the reports be true, the movie’s creative team should come up with a good story that will highlight Tony Stark’s passing the Iron Man suit to another character, opined Master Herald.

On the other hand, there are also rumors saying that Tony Stark will still be part of “Iron Man 4” but will no longer engage in battles as Iron Man. Rather, he’ll just mentor the new Iron Man.

One of the speculated actors to suit up as the new Iron Man is teen actor Ty Simpkins, who acted alongside Downey in “Iron Man 3.”

If the rumors that Marvel has set its eyes on Simpkins as the new Iron Man are true, then it makes perfect sense why “Iron Man 4” is said to be pushed to a  2020 playdate as Simpkins is only 14 years old.