'Iron Man 4' release date rumors: Robert Downey Jr.'s last superhero standalone project set for 2020?


“Iron Man 4” remains to be a battle of wills as fans of the red and gold suit wearing superhero continue to campaign for another standalone film for Robert Downey Jr.’s (RDJ) Tony Stark.

The sequel to 2013’s “Iron Man 3” may not be coming anytime soon with the lack of any official word about it. And unless Marvel Studios decides to do another reshuffling as part of their four-year slate which is quite improbable at this time, Stark will be relegated to ensemble pieces and cameos in the near future. However, just because it is not yet on the horizon that does not mean that it will no longer see the light of day.

Currently, Marvel has booked three additional dates in 2020 but has not confirmed which movies they correspond to. This can offer a glimmer of hope for diehards who continue to hope for a fitting swan song for the incredible Iron Man run of the 51-year-old actor.

Over the past few years, RDJ himself has gone back and forth with regard to a fourth “Iron Man” film. Fans continue to revert back to his previous comment about being down for the project should best pal Mel Gibson helm the film. It is no secret that the two actors have a longstanding friendship which makes the collaboration full of potential. Gibson also has a decent directorial resume under his belt which can eradicate doubts of him pulling the ropes should the movie pushes through. RDJ, however, later retracted his comments saying that although they will soon be collaborating, it will not be “Iron Man 4.” Most recently, the Marvel Cinematic Universe icon once again perked up the speculations by revealing that he feels like he could still do one more solo flick for his fan-favorite character,

Contrary to the quantity official updates from Marvel Studios, there is no scarcity when it comes to the narrative that “Iron Man 4” can tackle. One of the most prominent from the bunch is that of the big screen reincarnation of the real Mandarin. “Iron Man 3” introduced the character but was met with backlash due to a significant derivation from its comic book origins which only made him a decoy to the real big baddie, Aldrich Killian (Guy Pierce). Despite this, director Shane Black stands by the creative decision telling IGN that he thought it “felt modern, it felt interesting, it felt textured.”

The standalone grossed over a billion dollars in sales but it remained to be a let-down for “Iron Man” purists who were looking forward to seeing the aforementioned antagonist in the flesh.

“We made a lot of money with the movie, but there is a hardcore niche of fandom that was genuinely disappointed; they wanted to see their version. And for that I feel bad. I still like the choice we made,” Black continued.