'Iron Man 4' news: Still no news about the franchise's future; Iron Man-Batman box office battle possible if Marvel releases movie by 2020


When Robert Downey Jr. first appeared as Iron Man in 2008, the market for comic book adaptations was not fully tapped yet. And while fans were treated to a couple of Batman and Spiderman franchises, it was “Iron Man” that ultimately drew back viewers to the cinemas, leading to the multiple releases of comic book-based movies in recent years.

Now, the question is whether “Iron Man 4” is still in the cards for Marvel and Disney or not. The partnership was able to produce multiple superhero blockbusters and a couple more are still in the pipeline, except for the fourth installment of the franchise. Based on Disney’s official timeline, which goes all the way until 2020, Stark’s next adventure is nowhere in the list. However, some fans can still hope for something given that there are two currently untitled movies penciled in.

Time-wise, the clock is ticking as RDJ is not getting any younger. The actor who is turning 51 this year may already be too old to reprise his role shall a new movie get the green light. Various rumors of someone else taking over the role have been circulating online as a possibility.

For instance, child actor Ty Simpskins, who played alongside RDJ in “Iron Man 3” is said to be in consideration as a young Tony Stark.

Another roadblock is the supposed rumor that the veteran actor is asking for a significant raise in pay to do one more movie. RDJ has been one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood and reports noted that instead of a fixed salary, he also wants a cut of what the movie will earn.

As of now, RDJ will reprise his role as Tony Stark as he will go head-to-head with Captain America (Chris Evans) in the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War.” He might survive the imminent slugfest as he revealed that he will be back in production in Atlanta presumably for “Avengers: Infinity Wars.”

If Iron Man goes on with one final solo movie and it gets released by 2020, Tony Stark might be facing off with DC’s own version of genius and billionaire as Bruce Wayne/Batman is said to be also rolling out his own movie.