'Iron Man 4' rumors: Possible movie premise discussed


At this point, no other Marvel Studios property has been met with fan clamor than the supposed fourth installment of the “Iron Man” franchise. Unfortunately, even with a steady buzz from loyalists, the production company is still keeping their lips tightly sealed about Robert Downey Jr.’s (RDJ) iconic superhero character, at least from a solo movie standpoint.

RDJ’s involvement in the blockbuster “Captain America: Civil War” film has only hyped up the interest with the narrative of the story deviating from its comic book counterpart. While the spine of the flick still holds true to Tony Stark (RDJ) and Steve Rogers’ (Chris Evans) disagreement in terms of government oversight, it was fairly notable that the writers held back a little bit with regard to Tony. In the original narrative, the tech genius has been portrayed as more ruthless prompting for some fans to think of him as a villain in the overall story. The big screen variation on the other hand made his character more relatable making it difficult for fans to pick a side. On top of that, individually, he was also infused with his own character development with the internal battle going through his head about giving up his suits, as well as his surprising split from Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow).

Looking at the arc of the character, it appears that there are more stories left untapped for the snappy billionaire especially with his personal life. Taking on the persona of Iron Man through three standalone movies, two ensemble films in “Avengers,” and eventually “Civil War” has obviously given him a lot of weight on his shoulders. It was very apparent in the latest movie what Tony had decided on.

Should Marvel decide to take on “Iron Man 4,” revolving on the angst of the man with the red and gold suit, the rollout date will be a pivotal point. With the stories getting more and more intertwined in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), his personal experiences would need to tie into the bigger picture. Furthermore, the existing time table only leaves the supposed film with a 2020 launch. This means that events of the upcoming “Avengers: Infinity War” films would take into consideration Tony’s future. Unless they do a prequel, making the flick set sometime after “Civil War,” which also makes sense as he was the one left most vulnerable after Cap’s third stand-alone film.