iPhone rumor: iPhone 7 to have OLED display?


Just weeks after it was rumored that the next iPhone will be an “iPhone 6 wrapped in an iPhone 5’s body” and will be called the iPhone 5se, fans eagerly awaiting the release of the newest iPhone are once again thrown off their balance, not knowing which rumor to believe, as the latest in the rumor mill is that Apple will release an iPhone 7.

This piece of unconfirmed news excites iPhone fans anew as it is said that if the rumors are valid, this will be iPhone’s biggest phone ever, thanks to its supposed 5.8 inch screen. Furthermore, allegedly, the phone will make use of OLED (organic light-emitting diode technology) for its display.

The OLED technology was first adapted by Samsung when it released its Galaxy S series. While it is true that Samsung pioneered the production of OLED displays, there are reports that LG Display and Japan Display Inc. (JDI) will soon give Samsung a run for its money as the two are catching up with the production of their respective OLED.

At this point in time, iPhone fans can only hope that the rumor that Apple will be incorporating OLED display in the supposed iPhone 7 will not just remain a rumor and will actually translate to reality. The phone will be allegedly dubbed as the iPhone Pro.

In an earlier report by Forbes, it noted that Apple seems to be in a rush to catch up with Samsung’s OLED displays, seemingly because it must have realized that the current LCDs employed by majority of the phones are lagging behind the OLED in more ways than one. For one thing, the current Samsung Galaxy Edge models remain rigid despite being flexible and permanently curved, thanks to its Gorilla glass. However, this will soon change to a truly flexible, foldable, and bendable OLED display screens in the near future.

With the OLED display predicted to go a notch higher, it must have dawned on Apple that it needs to adapt the technology the soonest time possible. Otherwise, it will lag behind the competition in this regard. Hence, there is that great likelihood that its next iPhone will, indeed, have an OLED screen display. And, according to rumors, the next iPhone will not just incorporate the OLED screen to its phone; it will have a wrap-around display too, just like the soon-to-be available Galaxy S7 Edge.