iPhone 8 release date, specs rumors: Patent hints at next iPhone's design; to launch in time for 10th anniversary?


Albeit the scarcity of information regarding its official launch, Apple’s next banner handset, most likely to be dubbed as the iPhone 8, has been the topic of conversation among fans and tech buffs alike as rumors surrounding the phone keep on piling up. Recent reports suggest that the company’s next smartphone could be going retro as the next iteration of the iPhone is reported to come out as a flip phone.

It was recently discovered that the company has been working on the said technology for a couple of years now as Apple engineers are said to have filed patents for the concept.

As per the patent that was submitted a while back, an image suggests that the device will be folded similar to that of a book and the folded part will be embedded with a so-called “conductive carbon nanotube” that is said to be ultra-flexible and has a high resistance to breakage.

Moreover, it was also noted that if such a device would materialize in the future, the frame could be made out of top-end materials such as high-grade aluminum, carbon, and even glass.

As of late, the abovementioned speculations about the next iPhone may well seem to tally with what Apple has hinted early on about the major overhaul that they’re about to make for one of their flagship devices.

Meanwhile, other tech rivals such as Samsung and Lenovo have also been perfecting the said technology in which the former has been exhibiting it in trade shows since 2010. On the other hand, the latter has featured two devices, one of which resembles the concept patented by Apple while the other can be wrapped around one’s wrist.

Consumers should be taking these reports with a grain of salt and are advised to wait until such technology finally comes to fruition, possibly as one of Apple’s future iPhones.