iPhone 8 release date, specs rumors: Handset to arrive next year with bezel-less display?


Apple fans can’t seem to get enough of the company as avid followers are making wild guesses as to how the next banner phone of the tech giant would look like. The Israel arm of the famed top brass hardware manufacturer is in the spotlight as reports say that one of their workers purportedly spilled some hefty intel regarding the next iPhone.

Information about the iPhone 8 was scanty until the arrival of the aforementioned rumors about an Apple employee whose name was undisclosed for obvious reasons. According to reports, the next flagship handset of the company is speculated to arrive next year and rumors have it that the iPhone 8 will veer away from the conventional renders of both the iPhone 6 and 7, in which the latter was quite panned by smartphone pundits due to its lackluster specifications.

Moreover, the phone is said to arrive without the presence of bezels eventually utilizing the full stretch of the phone. Nonetheless, the release of Apple’s next big thing in handsets might be far off than speculated since the company has this trend of rolling out new iPhones in a biennial manner.

There are still some tech gurus, though, who highlighted that the Cupertino-based tech provider might put into consideration in renaming the expected iPhone 7s as rumor has it that drastic tweaks will be coming forth with the banner handset next year. Furthermore, it is important to note that 2017 marks a decade of the iPhone’s existence in the market, hence, the possibility of it donning the moniker iPhone 8.

Aside from the rumored borderless edges, other reports suggest that the smartphone will be using a material dubbed as “Liquidmetal” for its framework that is said to be far more durable in comparison to the current iPhone’s aluminum body.

In addition, Apple might also be jumping on the curved display bandwagon with the iPhone 8 together with a high-resolution display of either OLED or 4K screens.