iPhone 8, Apple Watch 3 release date, specs rumors: patents suggest next-gen devices will don revolutionary features


It’s pretty evident that Apple is thinking way ahead of its competitors as the company has been filing patents for their yet to be announced products and features. The latest to be spotted is one for their next-generation wearable that is most likely to be dubbed the Apple Watch 3.

Filed three years ago, the innovation titled “Wristband Device Input Using Wrist Movement” suggests that a motion capture tool will be lodged inside the smartwatch and it will allow the device to react to the hand motions of the wearer. Moreover, it was also stated that the sensor will be preloaded with specific directives on what to do if the device detects a hand gesture that corresponds to a preinstalled request.

Reports say that a sensory feature could be fused into the timepiece’s wristband as it snuggly hugs almost the entirety of the person’s wrist. This will allow the device to easily detect the wearer’s every hand and muscle tension.

The said technology is pretty much expected for the upcoming iteration of Apple’s smartwatch.

Apart from this, fans of the Cupertino-based tech firm are expecting major upgrades for the company’s next iPhone as an equally interesting patent was also discovered. It suggests that the next banner handset will be carrying an impressive shooter which is said to be a revolutionary step in mobile phone cameras.

Meanwhile, there were also speculations that the iPhone 8 could be donning a zirconium oxide casing. However, this was immediately doused by Apple product designer Greg Koenig. He stated that this upgrade would require massive resources and manpower for them to produce just a few pieces of it.

There’s no official announcement yet as to when these upcoming devices will come to fruition. Nevertheless, it is assumed that both the Apple Watch 3 and the iPhone 8 will be released in 2017; the latter especially given that it will be the iPhone’s 10th birthday.