iPhone 7 rumors: Taiwan company rumored to be sole manufacturer of new A10 chip


Taiwan tech company TSMC will be the sole manufacturer of the new and upcoming A10 chipset of Apple, according to latest reports from South Korea. According to the new report, the Taiwan-based chipset manufacturer won the exclusive manufacturing contract with Apple from Samsung, the manufacturer for older versions of the Apple AX chipset series.

According to a new report by South Korea’s The Electronic Times, Taiwan-based company TSMC reportedly won the exclusive manufacturing contract for Apple’s upcoming A10 chipset over Samsung. According to the report, the company won over the South Korean tech giant due to its more efficient 10nm manufacturing process on making the new chipset. Full production stage for the new A10 chipset is expected to go in motion starting June, a few months before the expected release of the new version of the iPhone, where the chipset is expected to debut.

Both Taiwan’s TSMC and Samsung had been co-suppliers of Apple for the current generation A9 chipset. However, there had been issues in the past that Samsung’s build of the chipset version had experienced heating problems as well as issues in battery life compared to the ones made by TSMC.

As for the rumored specs, the upcoming iPhone 7 is said to be coming with a new Super AMOLED display technology, waterproof certification, along with a ceramic-made back panel casing complete with metal body framing. A new form of wireless charging technology is also expected to be incorporated to the new device. The bigger variant of the device, the iPhone 7 Plus, is said to be coming with a special premium variant sporting a dual camera set up.

It was also rumored in the past that Apple would be removing the 3.5 mm standard headset jack on the device, with the intention to boost the sales and promote the use of wireless headsets.