iPhone 7 release date rumors: Pro version to come with Apple Pencil this fall


Apple continues to be tight-lipped about their next flagship smartphone, with no word about the iPhone 7 during the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Despite this, rumors on what iPhone loyalists can expect when the upcoming smartphone finally drops continue to persist.

It is almost safe to assume that the Cupertino-based company will launch the next iteration of their iconic smartphone sometime this year. However, this news alone does not satiate the interest of consumers who are looking forward to getting their hands on the device.

Aside from the base model, latest reports have focused the spotlight on what is rumored to be the Pro iteration of the iPhone 7. This new variant is aimed at business savvy users who use their smartphones for more than just personal reasons. Given this, rumor has it that the iPhone 7 Pro will come with a corresponding Apple Pencil, much like Samsung’s Note lineup.

On top of the matching stylus, the phone may also sport a smart connector similar to the iPad Pro. This feature allows the device to be compatible with more accessories like the Apple keyboard attachment. It seems that the purported iPhone 7 Pro offers the same features as the also yet to be announced Microsoft Surface Phone, which is supposed to see the light of day next year.

The tech giant’s CEO Tim Cook has previously hinted at the arrival of significant changes for the newest iteration of the iPhone.

The 55-year-old executive dropped by CNBC’s “Mad Money” last month and shared, “We’ve got great innovation in the pipeline. New iPhones that will incentivize you and other people that have iPhones today to upgrade to new iPhones.”

“We are going to give you things you can’t live without that you just don’t know you need today. That has always been the objective of Apple. To do things that really enrich people’s lives, that you look back on and you wonder ‘how did I live without this,'” he added.

Cook’s promise of something amazing almost makes the long wait and lack of official updates worth it for the fans. Apple usually releases their top tier smartphones in September but they were rumored to launch in this year’s WWDC. Since that did not happen, fans presume that the company is once again gearing up for a roll out this fall.