iPhone 7 specs rumors: No waterproof technology; new phone mirrors iPhone 6s


The next line of iPhones will most likely look the same as the iPhone 6s.

A report from Mac Otakara on his blog via Apple Insider suggests that the new iPhone won’t have much difference from its predecessor in terms of looks. Although it may be a little thinner because of its new LCD technology, the height and width will reportedly be the same.  

Although Apple has not confirmed the rumor, this latest iPhone 7 news might come as a disappointment for some fans, especially those who are expecting the next model to be a little bit bigger than the previous one. 

There are also speculations about the iPhone 7’s dual-lens camera not being available in both the smaller 4.7-inch variant and the bigger 5.5-inch model. Reports state that the smaller iPhone will not come with this dual-lens technology. However, there is a big possibility that the larger model will carry the feature. 

Another rumored feature that was previously reported is that the new iPhone 7 will carry a water-proofing technology. In Otakara’s blog report, however, it is stated that Apple’s new iPhone model will not come with this feature.

Meanwhile, according to International Business Times, the iPhone 7 will carry a more powerful machine under the hood. The iPhone 6s currently has a 2 GB memory and reports say that the new model will come out with a 3 GB RAM, along with a much stronger processor.

There is still no announcement from Apple as to when the release of the new iPhone 7 will be. It is likely to happen in September, similar to some of the more recent iPhone models.