iPhone 7 release date: New schematics suggest thicker, smaller iPhone


A new report claims to have the details regarding the dimensions of the new and upcoming iPhone 7 series from Apple. The report shows alleged schematic information for the new device, hinting on a possibly smaller yet thicker iPhone as compared to the iPhone 6 series.

In a report by The Next Web, it was revealed that the iPhone 7 may be coming in as at least 7.1 mm thick a little chunkier than the iPhone 6 device, which was only 6.9 mm thick.

Also, based on the schematics, the new iPhone 7 may be coming in with a smaller and narrower body, but with the display size of the device not getting affected by the change in dimensions. Other design changes that were visible in the alleged schematics for the device include the long rumored removal of the 3.5 mm standard headphone jack and a bigger camera module that is positioned closer to the edge of the device, among others.

In other news, it was recently reported by Patently Apple that Apple had recently acquired 12 patents which were published by the Hong Kong Patent and Trademark Office. While a number of these new patents deal with features and functionalities focused for use on the iPad Pro tablet, the company was also granted a patent related to the 3D Touch feature on the iPhone 6s.

While the permission for the use of the patents may already sound like outdated news, it should be noted that the patents were filed by Apple way back in December of last year, a few months before the iPad Pro was released, and a few months before the iPhone 6s device was released.

Whatever the features related to 3D Touch for the iPhone 6s turn out to be, it is expected that these new set of commands and functionalities would be making its way to the upcoming iPhone 7 series as well.