iPhone 7 release date rumors: Live images turn out to be Meizu Pro 6


The Apple iPhone 7, despite being several months away from its expected release, once again is hot on the rumor mill. Just recently, a leaked image of what was claimed to be a live view of the new iPhone 7 sporting its long rumored new design for its antenna bands went viral online. However, it turned out to actually be the new and upcoming Meizu Pro 6 flagship device.

According to a report by Price Jara, a leaked image on Chinese social website Weibo was spotted which was speculated to be the new iPhone 7 smartphone, with the photo allegedly taken by a Foxconn employee. The image showed an alleged iPhone 7 sporting the long rumored relocation of the antenna bands. As per the leak, the antenna bands were located on the top and bottom edges of the device, a big change from the usual visible band that cross from point to point on the back panel of previous iPhones since the iPhone 5s.

If proven true, this will be the first time the Cupertino-based company will adapt such as design for their iPhone, giving it a more sophisticated look with a clear view of the back panel of the device. However, the authenticity of the leaked image was immediately debunked.

As it turned out, the leaked images were real and authentic images of a devicenot of the iPhone 7 but of the upcoming Meizu Pro 6 flagship smartphone. Meizu Vice President Li Nan revealed that the “leaked iPhone 7” is actually their upcoming Meizu Pro 6. To support the claim, the company executive released via Weibo a look at the back panel of their device.

Both the iPhone 7 and the Meizu Pro 6 do not have an official release date yet.