iPhone 7 rumors: Alleged display component of device leaked


The long rumored iPhone 7 was once again hot in the rumor mill, as a new report coming from a Taiwanese source revealed what are claimed to be the display components of the upcoming new version of the iPhone.

In a set of photos released by Apple Club, a display component was shown and was claimed to be that of the iPhone 7. The reveal of the live images has been the most ambitious leak thus far, with most reports pertaining to the upcoming device only pointed out details from anonymous sources.

While the display component shown in the leaked photos strongly suggest that it really came from an Apple devicewith the presence of the official Apple logo on one of the cablesfurther inspection of the images show that the device where this will be used or will come fromwill have a backlight powered display.

Also, it is worth noting that the upcoming iPhone 7 and the bigger variant iPhone 7 Plus have long been rumored to come with Apple’s Force Touch haptic feedback technology. However, if one would base form the photo, the main component for the function of the Force Touch cannot be found, which would lead to an assumption that the display component might be for a cheaper variant of the current iPhone generation, of that of the iPhone 6C.

In previous reports, it has been tipped that the iPhone 7 may actually come without the standard 3.5 mm headset jack. Instead, Apple would shift to the use of lightning-based headphonesin an attempt to boost the sales of wireless headsets, as well as make the device thinner without the 3.5 mm jack. Also, rumors of a bigger 256GB internal storage capacity variant as well as a bigger battery capacity of 3,100 mAh were hinted.