iPhone 7 rumors: 3.5 mm jack to be replaced by lightning connector, protruding camera design to be removed


The upcoming flagship of Apple may still take at least nine months before it is released to the market. However, as early as now, speculations and rumors regarding its specifications are already circulating online. The most recent buzz about Apple’s iPhone 7 is that the traditional head jack will be removed and replaced with a different technology, enabling the phone’s thickness to reduce to at least one millimeter.

Apple’s upcoming iPhone may use AirPods, which will use Bluetooth to connect the handset. It is said to house a different port called “Lightning Connector,” reported Apple Insider from Mac Otakara, a source reportedly familiar with the plans. This will function as a digital-to-analog converter with Bluetooth connectivity.

As the jack takes the measurement of 3.5 millimeters, the change in its sound input/output will enable the American tech giant to further reduce the thinness of its devices. The new sound port is also expected to bring quality sounds through the built-in “Beats Audio System.”

However, this may also pose problems for users who want to listen to music and need to charge their phone as both activities will utilize the same channel. Nonetheless, Apple still has the option to either address this through a dual lightning port or a splitter accessory.

To further enable a slimmer phone, Apple is also rumored to change the camera set up in such a way that it will not protrude, making the back of the iPhone flat. As for its other features, iPhone 7 may also carry a 15-megapixel main camera capable of taking 5K video or LED displays. It is also said to replace the home button into an access that uses 3D Touch.

At the moment, fans should still take the information with a grain of salt as Apple has not confirmed any of these. The new iPhone flagship is normally announced every in summer 2016.