iPhone 7 release date: new rumor claims smartphone set for September launch


The long wait will finally be over soon as Apple is set to release its new flagship smartphone, the iPhone 7, a little over a month from now. Although this announcement isn’t official just yet, it came from a reliable leakster via Twitter a couple of days back.

Evan Blass’ tweet actually said that the handset is expected to be released during the week of Sept. 12. But the tweet was met with questions because there was no indication if it meant that the product would be hitting the stores at that date or if it’s going to be announced at least. So last weekend, Blass followed it up with another tweet:

It’s hard to argue against Blass especially considering that he’s been very accurate in the past when it comes to fielding out rumors about upcoming Apple devices. Also, Apple’s history of its iPhone releases coincides with this latest rumor. To recall, the American company released both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s in the month of September.

However, given the earlier than expected release, provided it indeed is released based on Blass’ speculation, then it could also mean that Apple may not be rolling out the best smartphone this year, to say the least. According to Mac Rumors, the most advanced features could be put on hold and will only be equipped for the iPhone 7s/iPhone 8. Nonetheless, it also doesn’t mean the iPhone 7 isn’t something that fans of Apple aren’t looking forward to.

One of the most exciting changes to expect once the iPhone 7 rolls out is the prospect of a 32 GB entry-level variant. That has to be a very convenient change because the old 16 GB built-in memory is no longer enough with the tons of apps and games one can put inside the phone. Aside from the 32 GB default, expect the smartphone to offer two other variants 64 GB and 128 GB.