iPhone 7 release date, specs news: Prices leak online, includes iPhone 7 Pro variant


Prices for the long rumored and upcoming iPhone 7 series smartphones have recently leaked online. As per the leaked information, it appears that Apple is going to break the tradition of launching only two variants of their flagship smartphone and will instead now launch three different variants.

In a report by MobiPicker, leaked information coming in from China claimed to have the pricing details, as well as the different variants for the upcoming iPhone 7 series. Apparently, aside from the standard iPhone 7 variant, there would be two more additional variants that would release at launch the iPhone 7 Plus and the new variant, the iPhone 7 Pro.

Each of the three variants also sport different versions, according to the amount of built-in storage capacity that it has with it. Also, based on the different models revealed, it seems that Apple may have finally decided to discontinue the 16 GB variant for their smartphone and instead designate the 32 GB as the base model, in terms of storage capacity.

The iPhone 7 32 GB, as per the leak, would go on for a price of 5258 Yuan or roughly $802, and the 64 GB model priced at 6088 Yuan or about $924. The standard iPhone 7 will supposedly skip the 128 GB version but will have a 256 GB version, which will allegedly be for 7088 Yuan or $1075.

On the other hand, the iPhone 7 Plus, was said to be priced at 6088 Yuan for the 32 GB version. The iPhone 7 Plus would skip the 64 GB version but would be offered with 128 GB for an alleged price of 6888 Yuan or about $1045. The 256 GB variant was tipped to be at 7888 Yuan or roughly $1179.

The iPhone Pro, meanwhile, goes for 7088 Yuan or $1075 for the 32 GB variant, 7888 Yuan or about $11197 for the 128 GB variant, and a whopping 8888 Yuan or $1349 for the 256 GB variant.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be launched sometime around fall this year.