iPhone 7 specs news: Leaked dimensions show size similar to iPhone 6s


The upcoming new iteration of the Apple iPhone smartphone may be coming in with a size and dimension that appear to be identical to that of the current iPhone 6s flagship. According to a new leaked information, the iPhone 7 may be coming with new features and specifications but size difference may not be one of them.

Mirroring reports in the past months that the upcoming new iPhone 7 may be coming in as physically similar to that of the current iPhone 6s flagship, a new leaked schematics design showed the supposed dimensions and measurements of the new iPhone 7.

According to a new report, a leaked schematic that is allegedly for the iPhone 7 revealed that the upcoming new device from the Cupertino-based company may be coming in with a height of 138.70 mm and a width of 67.12 mm.

While the schematics design was not able to tell the thickness of the device, but recalling that the iPhone 6s had a thickness of 7.1 mm, it can be expected that the new iPhone 7 could sport the same measurement when it comes to thickness. Should it change, two things can be taken into considerationif the iPhone 7 becomes thicker, it could mean that the device would have more battery life to it compared to its predecessors. On the other hand, should the device become thinner, it could mean that the new flagship smartphone may sport a battery with a shorter lifespan than what the iPhone 6s have right now.

The thickness of 7.1 mm has been the slimmest measurement for an iPhone to date, with the iPod Touch currently holding the place for being the thinnest Apple device, coming in at only 6.1 mm.

The iPhone 7 has not been officially announced by Apple. Should the company follow their launch pattern, the device is expected to be launched later this year at Apple’s WWDC event alongside other possible new releases.