iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3, Apple Watch release dates set for mid-March release?


Could Apple be springing a surprise this March by unveiling a new iPad? If rumor mills are to be believed, the possibility is strong.

According to a report by 9to5Apple, there is a huge probability that Apple could be releasing its new iPad Air sometime in mid-March.

The device is rumored to be called the iPad Air 3 and may be launched together with the iPhone 5se, which might signal the company’s return to 4-inch phones.

But the rumors do not stop there as there are speculations that the company is actually looking to release a new series of Apple Watch models.

Meanwhile, a report from BGR unveils more details about the iPhone 5se.

Based on early information, the new phone will utilize the A9 processor and an M9 chip. It is also expected to have an always-on Siri activation, bigger storage allotment, high resolution cameras, and the ability to take Live Photos like its most recent counterparts.

It will also feature an NFC chip for Apple Pay. In terms of design, while features are quite similar to the iPhone 5s, its looks will be inspired by the iPhone 6. Apple is also looking to release a specialized line of protective cases for the phone.

The Apple Watches, on the other hand, will be available in more colors for the sports bands. They will also feature Hermes bands, a black Milenese Loop, and a new band line.

Meanwhile, the rumored iPad Air 3 reportedly features 4K panels, according to a report by DigitalTimes. The report added that it may also come with 4GB RAM and feature longer battery life.

If the release actually happens in March, Apple will most likely be working on software updates that will work with these new hardware offerings.