iPad Pro rumors: 12-inch device will have split screen multitasking feature


Technology giant Apple will finally debut its improved multitasking feature with the release of its newest iPad Pro, featuring a dual-app view mode with its split screen capability.

According to Apple insider 9to5Mac, the split screen feature, originally planned to come out last year, will finally make its way to consumers with the release of the 12-inch iPad Pro, currently codenamed “J98” and “J99”, set to release later this year.

With the split screen capability, users can run applications simultaneously and also view them both at the same time, without having to switch from one app window to another. In split screen mode, application screens can be viewed in 1/2, 1/3, or 2/3 of the window. For instance, one may browse the Internet while also viewing photos all at the same time. With the split screen feature, users will also be able to see multiple views of an app. For example, one may view two different pages of the same document at the same time.

While sources also report that the split screen feature would be introduced by Apple in June on the annual Worldwide Developers Conference, offering it to devices running on iOS 9, it is very likely that the new feature will make its full debut for the iPad Pro, since split screen multitasking was developed specifically for a 12-inch screen iPad.

Because of the significantly larger display of the new iPad Pro, Apple is currently optimizing the iOS for the new device to better fit its larger screen. Core system apps such as Siri will also be optimized for the new iPad.

Rumors also report that the iPad Pro will have an external keyboard and USB support, through images leaked by MacFan. The device will also have four built-in speakers, giving users stereo surround sound.

Unlike all its previous predecessors, the reports also say that the upcoming iPad Pro will support multiple users for each device. With this, several people can share a single iPad, with each having access only to their personal apps, files, and settings. While this also may be first introduced with the iOS 9, no official word is out yet.