iPad Pro 2 release date, specs rumors: Existence of device still unconfirmed


There is still a lack of updates about the iPad Pro 2, despite the fact that speculations are circulating that the company is going to release the device sometime in 2017. Regardless, the lack of recent updates could say something about its development.

According to Game N Guide, if the rumors turn out to be true and the iPad Pro 2 will be released in 2017, it is expected to have a significantly changed design compared to its predecessors. The iPad Pro 2 is expected to have a massive design upgrade to celebrate the iPhone’s ten-year anniversary.

Furthermore, it will have more features and enhanced aesthetics in exchange of ditching some of the features sported by the first iPad. The home button is rumored to be phased out when iPad Pro 2 is released, giving a much larger display for the device. Also, it will come in three screen size models: 7.9 inches, 10.9 inches, and 12.9 inches.

Also, the change in its overall design affects the tablet’s display, as the iPad Pro 2 will have a more flexible AMOLED display that gives it a high-end display capability. The Apple Pencil might be launched alongside iPad Pro 2, and several speculations also point out that the device will feature an all-glass exterior that is also expected to that of iPhone 8.

As for its interior, News Everyday reports that the iPad Pro 2 will have a new processor. Presumably, it is expected for it to sport the A10X Fusion, as the current generation of the device uses the A9X, making it a major upgrade in terms of performance.

Its storage capabilities will also be upgraded to match the current Apple devices around. It will come in three variants, with the entry-level having 32 GB worth of internal storage, followed by 128 GB, and finally 256 GB. However, it can only be confirmed once Apple gives their official announcement in 2017.