iPad Pro 2 release date in 2017; will a minor update for the debut iteration roll out this year?


As of now, Apple is probably already overwhelmed with the number of devices that they are being speculated to release before the year ends. There’s the press event today which is highly likely to debut their next top-tier iPhone together with the second-generation Apple Watch. Following this event, a couple of more are expected from the company which will then focus on other gadgets like their tablets and laptops. And while it appears that bulk of their inventory wants to be put out there in 2016, a specific one in the iPad Pro 2 seems to be casually waiting for its booked release date for next year.

To say that mixing the next iteration of Apple’s most powerful tablet to date with the jam-packed pool of gadgets for this year is an understatement. Despite an annual turnover rate which makes a November public release possible, the tech giant seems to be biding their time with the iPad Pro 2.

Backing up these claims is the fact that the tablet was not announced or even teased in this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference back in June. So it is almost safe to assume that the Cupertino-based company has no plans of revealing the refreshed version of the device anytime soon.

On top of that, the Pro tablet line has not necessarily been forgotten in 2016. In fact, a smaller, 9.7-inch variant was surprisingly released earlier this year during Apple’s low-key March event. The move, unfortunately, has been met with backlash as the arrival of the mini iPad Pro effectively pushed aside the supposed iPad Air 3 which a lot of tech buffs were looking forward to.

MacWorld UK raises a very plausible scenario in case Apple still wants to put the Pro line in the consciousness of its consumers. A minor update might come just before the year closes for the original iteration of the iPad Pro which measures 12.9 inches making it at par with its smaller sibling. That way, both lines can have refreshed versions released at the same time next year which might also fall at the same time the mini iPad Pro was released.