iPad Pro 2, iPad Mini 5 release date, specs rumors: tablets to be part of Apple\'s October 27 event?


After the September event that led to the launch of the Apple iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch Series 2, all eyes are now on the devices that the Cupertino-based company has yet to make official, more particularly two variants of the iPad, one that has almost a hundred percent certainty of getting released this year and the other thought to have been discontinued by Apple.

The next-generation iPad Mini is supposed to be the fifth in the line. According to iTechPost, for four years, Apple made it a point to launch a new version of the small tablet but this year seems to have changed all that. There were rumors that the iPad Mini 5, or at least that is what everyone is calling it right now, was to be announced together with the iPhone 7, but it never was mentioned. But because there’s another event for the company happening this week, everyone is under the impression that this could very well be the official announcement of the device.

Based on previously rumored theories, the new version of the iPad Mini will be named iPad Pro Mini instead, the purpose of which is for Apple to be able to consolidate and market one line of the iPad and in the process kill off the Mini lineup for good. And suppose the fifth-generation iPad Mini will indeed be integrated into the Pro lineup, there is a good chance that the upcoming tablet will also be having the expected features of say, the iPad Pro 2, although their screen sizes are notably different.

Speaking of the iPad Pro 2, GameNGuide reports that the device is also expected to be part of the Oct. 27 event. The idea isn’t a long shot considering speculations that it’s going to be a hardware event, suggesting that Apple might as well make several rumored devices official. The same report said that aside from the tablet, the MacBook Pro 2016 will also be revealed.

So far, the most provocative rumor about the upcoming device is that it’ll be offered in three variants, all of which carry literally the same specifications and features except for the screen size. The smallest variant, for instance, will have a 9.7-inch display, while the second and third will wear 10.5 inches and 12.9 inches of screen, respectively.

There are only a couple of days left before the highly anticipated Apple event, so fans no longer have to wait that long as they’ve been waiting to get a glimpse of both the iPad Mini 5 and the iPad Pro 2.