iPad Mini 5 release date, specs: Tablet to be dubbed as the iPad Mini Pro?


Now that Apple will seemingly phase out the Air series and concentrate more on the Pro lineup, fans have been assuming that the next iPad Mini will be donning a new moniker which is the iPad Mini Pro.

Tech analysts and longtime owners of Apple products have known for a fact that the company is prepping up for their September event from which the company is expected finally boast their latest hardware to the public. It is said that the aforementioned iPad Mini 5, or some call it the iPad Mini Pro, will be unveiled together with the highly anticipated iPhone 7.

Albeit the rumors that have been circling around early on, Apple has kept their silence even with the specs of their latest devices. However, there are reports suggesting that the company might be revealing an iPad Mini with minor revamps just like the iPads of old since Apple is said to be beefing up their upcoming flagship handset.

In spite of these, the iPad Mini 5 could be donning a more slender chassis which is rumored to be a millimeter thinner as compared to its 6.1-millimeter predecessor. Hence, it will be backed up by a more rigid aluminum back panel to further reinforce its slimmer render.

In addition, it is reported that Apple has finished with beta tests on their latest operating system for mobile devices dubbed as the iOS 10. Given this, it’s more likely that the iPad Mini 5 will be preloaded with the new OS.

The tablet could sport a quicker A9 chipset including the Oscar M9 motion co-processor for faster response times when switching between screens. The iPad Mini could also sport a larger battery capacity as compared to the 5,000 mAh juice storage of the previous version.

Moreover, Apple is also speculated to be releasing a 32 GB base variant of the yet to be announced slab that clearly states that the company is done in making 16 GB entry-level iPads.