iPad Mini 5 release date: tablet rumored to be presented this October 2016


Most fans are aware by now that Apple only unveiled a handful of their high-end devices at this year’s September keynote leaving other devices like the rumored newest iteration of the iPad Mini in the dark. While the premium device maker has kept their silence regarding its other product lines, most tech gurus believe that the company might be launching the iPad Mini 5 alongside other devices sometime this October.

As per recent reports, it is said that the latest make of the iPad Mini could possibly be presented next month and will be made available early next year. Aside from the assumed launch date, it is also expected that it will come with improved specs. However, there are still some who are downbeat about it considering the fact that Apple’s banner handset, the iPhone 7, featured specifications that were less appealing due to it having only minor upgrades.

If recent reports are anything to go by regarding its specs, it is said that the iPad Mini 5 will be veering away from the headphone hub just like what Apple did to their latest make of the iPhone. Furthermore, it is also expected to carry the company’s newly released operating system for their mobile devices dubbed the iOS 10.

In addition, it was publicized previously that the new iPad Mini is likely to bear a 5-millimeter profile as compared to its current render that is 1.1-millimeter thicker. It’s also speculated to sport an 8- and 1.2-megapixel posterior and anterior snapper, respectively, together with a decent 3 GB of random access memory (RAM) with varying sizes of storage spaces.

That being said, it is reported that Apple will finally get rid of the 16 GB make of the slab and will be starting off with a 32 GB version instead.

Currently, it’s quite uncertain as to when Apple will be unveiling the new iPad Mini. As abovementioned, there’s a high probability that the compact slab will be introduced next month.