iPad Mini 5 release date, specs: fans still expect tablet to launch in 2017


Just like the equally anticipated iPad Pro 2 that didn’t materialize in Apple’s “Hello Again” event last month, a new render of the iPad Mini was also absent during the said keynote. Hence, many are made to believe that the compact device has been scrapped by the company.

One of the probable reasons as to why Apple is holding back in presenting tablets as of late is the earlier reported fact that sales of such devices in recent years have been in a constant slump, making it unwise to mass produce. The Cupertino-based premium device maker might be thinking that it would be very impractical to make gadgets that might not rake in as much profit for them.

Optimistic fans, however, are still in high spirits that a new iPad Mini will still be seen at one of Apple’s press events in 2017. That said, many theorize that a refreshed version of the said handheld could be presented sometime in March next year.

If rumored specs of the update-hungry iPad Mini 5 are anything to go by, the newest iteration of the tablet could be part of the high-end product line of the iPad Pro 2. Hence, it is believed that the “Mini” tagline will be eventually dropped by Apple in the event that the tablet will be reclassified under the “Pro” lineup.

Furthermore, it’s also speculated that the ultra-portable device’s internal components will be encased with an improved frame. Fans believe that Apple might use aluminum as its base material.

It’s also believed that the iPad Mini 5 will be preinstalled with Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 10, and could be powered by the A10 chipset. It was also noted beforehand that the compact tablet will be having a 32 GB storage space as compared to its predecessor that only had half of the rumored memory capacity.