iPad mini 5 release date, specs and features rumors: what to expect


The iPad mini 5, the long rumored successor to the current iPad mini 4, is expected to come this year alongside other new Apple devices, and it is expected to come sporting a set of improved hardware specifications.

As for the release date, the device is expected to come sometime later this year, possibly in the month of September. The said month is also when other Apple devices are expected to make their debut to the public starting with the new iPhone 7 series, along with the new MacBook Pro 2016, and the highly anticipated Apple Watch 2. Even an iPad Air 3 is expected to be present in some capacity.

As for the specs, it was reported by Neurogadget that the iPad mini 5 is expected to come in as something that is way thinner than its predecessor. One of the ways that Apple could pull off a thinner body is through the use of a smaller battery, since it is something that takes up most of the space in the device when it comes to thickness. However, it is still unclear if Apple would be able to work on keeping the battery capacity of the device despite it being smaller in size. Apple has to reveal new battery technology that could offer more power with a thinner and smaller size most of the time, more power comes with a larger size and in the same way, a smaller size means less power.

As for the improvements, rumors have it that the processor would be one of the first to see some changes from the current A8 on the iPad mini 4 to a new A9 chipset on the new iPad mini 5. Also, the display is said to be enforced with 3D Touch technology, enabling users to make use of the display in order to execute specific commands and shortcuts depending on the haptic feedback that they would be giving.

Waterproof capabilities via an IP68 certification is also expected, but one thing that might not be coming to the new device is the standard 3.5 mm headset jack since the iPad mini 5 is expected to follow the trend that Apple might be starting this season. The latest reports have suggested that Apple is planning to ditch the traditional audio output entirely.