iPad Mini 5 release date, specs rumors: render to be out early 2017 despite being a no-show at Apple event


As always, Apple has remained silent about their other product lines that were not mentioned during their big reveal earlier this month. Aside from rumored deletion of the Air lineup from their roster, one of the company’s devices worth mentioning is the latest render of the iPad Mini which was also snubbed in this month’s event.

It can be recalled that the Cupertino-based high-end device maker was able to unveil two of their long-awaited devices, the Apple Watch Series 2 and the iPhone 7. Moreover, Apple also dished out their latest operating system for handheld devices dubbed the iOS 10 including the “Super Mario Run” gaming app which debuted on Apple handhelds.

However, other devices like the aforementioned iPad Mini 5 were no-shows during the said event. Rumor has it that compact variant of the iPad could be released early next year after the company has dished out their equally hyped ultraportable computer, the MacBook Pro, which is speculated to be released before the year ends. In addition, since talks are getting rife about the demise of the Air series and with it eventually being replaced by the Pro roster, tech connoisseurs have deduced that the yet to be unveiled slab could be suffixed with latter naming it the iPad Mini Pro.

Contrary to the substantial number of speculations surrounding the unreleased iPad Mini 5, information about the tablet’s specifications are still scarce at the moment. Nonetheless, it is said that in the event that a new iPad Mini would surface in the following months, the latest make of the tablet could arriving with a tweaked 32 GB entry-level iteration quashing its 16 GB predecessor.

Furthermore, it was noted previously that the next iPad Mini might boast a slimmer profile, longer battery life, and will obviously carry the recently released iOS 10.

Details regarding the iPad Mini 5’s release are still vague so fans should be taking the abovementioned information with a pinch of salt.