iPad Mini 5 release date, news: what to expect; tablet to be included in October 27 keynote?


The refreshed version of the iPad Mini is highly anticipated by Apple fans. However, the company has remained silent not just about the iPad Mini 5 but also other equally hyped devices. It is speculated, though, that the tech firm’s most compact slab could be integrated into one of the company’s other tablet lineup.

Tech buffs now believe that the new iPad Mini might be reclassified and will be added to the iPad Pro 2 lineup. It’s possible that it could be the product line’s entry-level iteration. If this comes to fruition, it might be called the iPad Pro Mini.

Moreover, there are reports stating that the tablet might see the light of day during the first quarter of next year together with the latest render for the iPad Pro.

Meanwhile, naysayers are suggesting that the device might have met its demise together with its ultrathin counterpart, the iPad Air since it was pointed out that unit sales of the said Apple devices have had a downhill trend in previous years due to the production of Plus version of the iPhone.

Nevertheless, it’s also noteworthy to mention that Apple is preparing for another keynote this Oct. 27. This has given longtime fanatics and tech analysts a reason to believe that the abovementioned products could be presented at the said event.

If rumors tally with what Apple’s upcoming trade event will reveal, it can be expected that the new iteration of the iPad Mini will don a sturdy aluminum body to complement its slimmer profile. In addition, three variants of the tablet with varying amounts of storage space could be introduced. They could feature a tweaked chipset and a decent 2 GB of random access memory (RAM). Just like the new iPhone, it’s also probable that the next-generation iPad Mini might do away with the headphone hub and will be replaced with a wireless one.