iPad Mini 5 release date, rumors: big changes coming, cancellation rumors still exist


If Apple makes the crucial decision of continuing the iPad Mini line of tablet devices, then there has to be major changes with both hardware and software for the next iteration, the iPad Mini 5. There are stories all over the web that the fifth-generation smaller sibling of the iPad is no longer hitting store shelves due to the prospect of Apple marketing the more fancied iPad Pro, but are these stories really true?

For the most part, the root of the cancellation rumors of the iPad Mini 5 is the simple fact that Apple does not talk about its upcoming devices. The truth is no single word has come out of the mouths of anyone from the company saying that the device has met its production end. However, it also holds true that Apple has not confirmed that the iPad Mini 5 is indeed in existence and is being developed. Notwithstanding all the final curtain rumors, there still is hope that the iPad Mini 5 will eventually get a release for the simplest of reasons a lot of people still want one.

According to Macworld, the current version, iPad Mini 4, was released in September of last year with major changes and improvements compared to its predecessor. And with that in mind, this year’s version has to be equipped with major upgrades as well. This is probably the reason why Apple isn’t really in a rush to make an announcement since it wants the new tablet to be on top of other midrange tablet competitors.

A couple of months back, renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that the Cupertino-based company is expected to release three new iPad models next year, but the sad thing is there seems to be no emphasis on the inclusion of the iPad Mini. Well, this could mean one of two things: first, it’s because the iPad Mini 5 will be released this year and not next year, or second, maybe the device is really no longer in Apple’s plans.