iPad mini 5 release date coming soon as Apple sells refurbished iPad mini 4?


Could the rumors regarding the imminent arrival of the much-awaited iPad mini 5 tablet be true after all?

In the past several weeks, the rumor mill had been suggesting that the iPad mini 5 would be released sometime this fall, with some reports claiming that the device might even launch alongside the iPhone 7 series. So far, Apple has not made any hint that an actual iPad mini 5 device would be coming, despite the fact that the iPad mini 4 had been released in the market long enough for it to be worthy of a successor. However, in the past few days, fans and users have seen what could be an indication that the long rumored device may be arriving sooner than what the rumors have been suggesting.

Apple recently put refurbished models of the iPad mini 4 up for sale on its online store. Apple’s Certified Refurbished Store is part of the Cupertino-based company’s online store that caters to users who seek out Apple devices but would want to have them at a lower price than the regular retail value in the market. The devices featured on the store have been refurbished officially by Apple.

While this does not serve as concrete proof that the iPad mini 5 would be released sooner than later, fans have still taken the move as a strong indicator of such.

On a related note, rumors have it that if and when the iPad mini 5 releases, the device may not be called as such anymore. With the alleged focus of Apple on the “Pro” branding for its tablet devices, the new iPad mini 5 may end up as being called the iPad Pro mini instead.

The iPad mini 5 or the iPad Pro mini whatever it may end up being called as is expected to be thinner than its predecessor and is said to sport 3D Touch technology. It is also expected to have the 32 GB variant as the base model instead of the usual 16 GB.