iPad Mini 5 release date rumors: launch alongside iPhone 7 highly expected


There are several conflicting reports about the imminent launch of the fifth-generation iPad Mini from Apple. Some say it’ll be this month, right about the same time and same event when American company releases its flagship iPhone 7. Others meanwhile think it won’t be released this year and that it will no longer carry the “iPad Mini” name.

The Cupertino-based company handles questions and rumors about the iPad Mini 5 through its old ways by being completely silent about it. This is why it’s no longer a surprise that all sorts of speculations and rumors are brought up almost on a daily basis. Nonetheless, fans of the smaller version of the iPad are still in high spirits and have great hope that the device will finally get its long-awaited launch before the year ends.

According to several online reports, the upcoming tablet device could have a different name, owing to Apple’s decision to focus its marketing and branding efforts to the iPad Pro lineup. While the iPad Air series is rumored to have already been ended, the iPad Mini, which will reportedly be renamed as the iPad Pro Mini, will take its place in the market.

As far as its specs are concerned, the iPad Mini 5, aka iPad Mini Pro, will have a major change in aesthetics and design, starting with the possibility that it could have a smaller screen. Judging by the current trend in smaller tablet devices today, it is highly probable that the next-generation tablet will be equipped with a 7-inch screen instead.

Finally, there is some sense in the idea that the device will be named the iPad Mini Pro considering that Apple is bent on marketing the iPad Pro lineup with some exclusivity. However, it isn’t clear whether or not the device will target business and office-oriented users or the general consumers.