iPad Mini 5, iPad Air 3 release date: Tablets to relesae sometime between September and October


Following the leak which revealed that the iPhone 7 will get its retail rollout come Sept. 16, fans of Apple are now closely monitoring what other upcoming gadgets will get their own speculated release date. This includes the highly popular tablet line from the tech giant, which has made yearly significant improvements over the last few years.

Right now, the most popular theory is that the a tablet or two from Apple will be launched the same time as the iPhone 7, which is most likely going to be the iPad Mini 5. Given that there is a huge possibility that the supposed September release of the smartphone will have some other devices riding on it, the fifth iteration of the tablet makes sense since both gadgets cater to a more portable inclined market.

On top of that, that last iteration of the iPad Mini was released Sept. 9 of last year. This means that there is a chance that the Cupertino-based company will roll it out again around the same time.

Aside from the fifth iteration of the iPad Mini, another anticipated tablet from Apple is the third generation iPad Air. There have already been numerous rumors with regard to the release of the device earlier this year. It was touted to be introduced during Apple’s low-key March event which brought out mostly consumer-friendly products. Unfortunately, it did not make an appearance. Worse, it was technically cut off from the company’s roster of products with the iPad Pro 9.7 taking its place instead.

Despite this, fans are still hoping that Apple might reconsider their decision on the Air tablets, especially since they drew flak for replacing its slot with a pricier option.

Should this be the case, Apple may be looking to drop the new iteration of the iPad Air sometime in October. It may also prompt them to release the iPad Mini 5 with it as well for a more cohesive marketing ploy.