iPad mini 5 release date next month with Apple's latest devices


Now that it seems imminent that Cupertino-based Apple is about to unveil their latest offering of devices next month, there’s a high probability that one of their devices, the iPad mini 5, will be included in the company’s rumored event.

Avid followers of the company might recall that the iPad mini 4 came out a significant amount of upgrades, both internal and external. Following its release, consumers began asking about what its successor can offer if it were to be released in the future. It seems that question is beginning to get some answers as September is just around the corner.

Technology gurus theorized that the yet to be announced iPad mini 5 might have subtle changes and that’s why it’s not being talked about as much compared to the iPhone 7 and MacBook Pro 2016, two devices that are getting most of the hype. Rumor has it that it will use Apple’s 7000 series aluminum for the back panel, not to mention that it could be one of the leanest tablets in the market as it is said that it will be just 5 millimeters thick.

Moreover, the iPad mini 5 could be carrying the new Apple A9 central processing unit (CPU) that has 70 percent more processing speed and 90 percent better graphics performance in comparison to its predecessor, the Apple A8. One of the big buzzes about the next iPad mini is that it could sport a smaller battery that could mean a lesser battery threshold.

Another big rumor about the iPad mini 5 is that it could finally carry the latest operating system, which is the iOS 10 and a far better user interface that goes along with it. In addition, reports also suggest that Apple might be scrapping the idea of a 16 GB base version and might eventually launch a 32 GB entry-level tablet instead.

If that would be the case, the iPad mini 5 could have a starting price of at least $450 for a 32 GB tablet.