iPad Mini 4 rumored to be unveiled October with November release; to become thinnest, lightest tablet on the market


While Apple is keeping details to the iPad Mini 4 close to its chest, there are speculations that the announcement for the newest Apple device will happen sometime in October.

Apple enthusiasts waiting for news on the device were expecting an announcement for the iPad Mini 4 at the Spring Forward Event but the company chose to use the event to launch the Apple Watch and Retina MacBook Pro Gold instead.

According to MacWorld, a site devoted to news, reviews and forums on latest devices and softwares, it is likely that Apple will follow its announcement and release pattern for all iPad Minis and make the iPad Mini 4 available to the public in November.

All iPad Mini versions were sold in November with the exception of iPad Mini 3 which was released a week after it was announced in October.

Meanwhile, a report by Inquisitr hinted that the iPad Mini 4 will feature a 7.9 inch screen and storage capacity of 128 GB a 2 GB hard drive.

It will run on the new iOS 9and have Touch ID sensor.

It is also rumored to use a 64-bit A9 processor, which is currently being exclusively manufactured by its top competitor Samsung.

In terms of design, the iPad Mini 4 is expected to be the thinnest and most lightweight tablet in the market once it comes out. In terms of functionality, fans are expecting its performance to be way better than its predecessor, the iPad Mini 3.

Meanwhile, there are also rumors that rear shell of the device may incorporate some elements of the iPad Air 2, as indicated by a video released by French nowhereelse.fr which showed the design of the device in its early stages.

<iframe src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/Juqdjo8tOjk” frameborder=”0″ width=”560″ height=”315″>

The iPad Mini 4 will cost a pretty penny, if rumors prove to be accurate. Currently, iPad Mini 4 is expected to be sold at a retail price of $400-$600 which is too costly if Apple hopes to encourage sales, according to experts.