iPad Air 3 release date in 2017? Apple to compete with Microsoft


Rumors regarding the release date of the much talked about iPad Air 3 tablet have been rekindled anew after Apple and some participating retailers put the iPad Air 2 tablets on sale recently. This recent move by Apple and retailers has been interpreted in the rumor mill as a strong indication that the Cupertino-based company is gearing up for release the new version of the tablet, the iPad Air 3.

According to a new rumor report, Apple might very well be releasing the new iPad Air 3 sometime around September at the earliest but could be prolonged up until March 2017. There were two reasons given for the rumored release window of the new Apple iPad Air 3 tablet. First would be that Apple might go on and opt to release the new iPad Air 3 alongside the release of two other Apple products, the new iPhone 7 smartphone series and the new version of the MacBook Pro laptop. Both of these devices are expected to be released sometime around this year with the iPhone 7 series for a September release, and the MacBook Pro 2016 possibly having a December release date.

As for the possibility of the release getting delayed to as late as March 2017, this was said to be due to the Cupertino-based company aiming to take part of the demand and market share from the long rumored Surface Pro 5 tablet from Microsoft, which is rumored to possibly launch sometime around the same month.

In other news, the iPad Air 2 was recently put on sale, and is available to be purchased for a limited time only. On eBay, the Wi-Fi-only version of the iPad Air 2, the one sporting a 128 GB storage capacity and a Retina display, is available for a price of $449, which is $250 less than the original price of the device which is $699.