iPad Air 3 release date ever coming? what to expect


The long rumored iPad Air 3 ended up being a no-show at the recently held Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2016, Apple’s annual event showcasing new things coming from the tech giant.

While there are still some in the rumor mill that cling on to the hope of a September release for the iPad Air 3, alongside the iPhone 7, there have been reports hinting that the device might no longer see the light of day.

The closest that the device came to being officially launched was during Apple’s March event where the iPhone SE was introduced. It had been long rumored back then that the much awaited iPad Air 3 was going to be launched alongside the new iPhone that would bring back a much smaller 4-inch display for the smartphone series. However, such a launch never happened for the iPad Air 3. Instead, Apple launched another tablet, the iPad Air Pro 9.7.

This once again led to speculations that the Cupertino company might very well be discontinuing the entire iPad Air line in favor of the new iPad Pro line of tablets, as there are users who have perceived the release of the iPad Pro 9.7 as the thing closest to being the long rumored iPad Air 3 which then would make any kind of iPad Air 3 release seem like a worthless addition to the roster of Apple tablets in the market.

Instead of the iPad Air 3, reports recent pointed out that Apple might go on and develop the iPad Pro 2 instead, since other rival tech companies are in line to release more powerful hybrid tablet devices. One perceived competitor, when it comes to hybrid tablets, is the long rumored Surface Pro 5 from Microsoft. To beat the competition, Apple is expected to introduce new offerings of its own for its fans and users.