iPad Air 3 release date: Tablet's fate uncertain, announcement soon?


The long rumored iPad Air 3 tablet is still expected to come, despite the past failed predictions about the release of the device. There had been rumors pointing out that Apple might very well be finally releasing the device come September, with an announcement probably happening at Apple’s upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) set to take place from June 13 to 17. However, there are some that say that the device may no longer come at all, as Apple would choose to discontinue the iPad Air line instead and move on to a new series of tablets.

Despite Apple not meeting the expectations of fans and users in the rumor mill, rumors and speculations surrounding the purported iPad Air 3 refused to die, with news still suggesting and predicting that the device would still be coming.

There had been recent reports saying that Apple might have the long rumored device finally announced later this month at the upcoming WWDC, where other major announcements particularly on the software department of the Cupertino company are also expected to be announced as well.

Following that, the iPad Air is expected to have a release date of sometime around September of this year, possibly getting a simultaneous or close release date with the highly anticipated iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus smartphones.

However, in the middle of all these undying talks about the device, there had also been rumors that the iPad Air 3 may no longer see the light of day. One reason is that Apple is reportedly gearing up for the WWDC with no hardware announcements of any kind prepared. It was said that Apple would solely focus on its software department for the upcoming event. Another is that the Apple iPad Air 3 might be totally discontinued already, with the new iPad Pro line replacing the Air line.

Whatever it may be, fans and users are sure to be in for some news at the upcoming WWDC 2016.