iPad Air 3 release date, specs: Tablet's delay caused by poor sales? Device to come with better specs?


Apple’s Air product line has been much talked-about as of late; it is now believed by many that the lineup may well seem to have met its demise as devices such as the iPad Air were one of Apple’s many electronic contraptions not included at last month’s unveiling.

Nevertheless, there are also equally rife rumors that the compact handheld may be included at the company’s October reveal. With that said, it can be presumed that the newest make of the iPad Air will be slated for a first quarter rollout next year, possibly sometime in March.

Meanwhile, reports also pointed out that the sluggish tablet sales in recent years could be one of the rationales as to why Apple is holding back with the introduction of the iPad Air 3, not to mention that other rivals are dishing out devices like the phablet whose size is somewhere between a phone and a tablet.

Another feasible reason could be that Apple is busy prepping the device and infusing it with impressive specs to somewhat make amends to what had happened with the current iPad Air 2. It was seemingly left out by the company in terms of the specs and updates that were incorporated into the device.

In the event that the iPad Air 3 would come to actualization, it is speculated that it might be paired with a keyboard, just like the one that comes with Microsoft’s Surface Pro hybrids. In addition, the tablet could shave off a few more millimeters making it slimmer than ever. With that said, it could be sporting a high-grade aluminum casing preventing bending issues.

On the other hand, it is also theorized that the next iPad Air could be just an entry-level iteration for the equally anticipated iPad Pro 2 which is also rumored to be part at this month’s event.

Meanwhile, Apple is, of course, tight-lipped about their tech event this month. Fans are still hoping that these no-shows will be finally made known by the Cupertino-based tech firm.