iPad Air 3 release date, specs: Tablet gets a rumored March 2017 launch


Insider news that broke out earlier this month suggesting that Apple is still working on the supposed MacBook Air 2016 not only had fans looking forward to the laptop but its other Air siblings as well including its iPad iteration. Now, with renewed vigor, speculations about the said tablet are once again making rounds in the rumor mill exciting tech buffs.

That being said, it does not necessarily mean that the next-generation iPad Air will be hitting the shelves right away. News backing up claims about the latest MacBook Air’s existence is what is maybe keeping the fans’ hopes up regarding the iPad Air 3, but continued speculation about the laptop debuting later this month in an Apple-hosted event may actually mean a later release for its more portable sibling. Given this situation, reports that have recently popped up suggest that a March 2017 is a more feasible timeline for its rollout.

Should this be the case, this will be a complete turnaround from when fans were highly expecting that the iPad Air 3 would arrive in March of this year and were subsequently disappointed by Apple when it didn’t. Instead, the Cupertino-based company pulled off the surprise introduction of the iPad Pro 9.7, which was unveiled only four months after the original iPad Pro model came out. The reveal initially drew flak given the difference in price between the rumored iPad Air 3 and mini Pro with consumers accusing the company of utilizing a cash grab ploy.

Needless to say, with the iPad Air 3 slowly racking up interest once more, it is again subjected to the specs guessing game. Sources say that an improved A10 chip will power the tablet with Apple already utilizing the same processor for their newly released iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. So far, it is the fastest mobile processor and would be a perfect fit for the aforementioned tablet if they wish to breathe new life into it. But while it may inherit that specific hardware from its smartphone cousins, it is tipped to incorporate Apple Pen support which is one of the features that the latest iPhones are lacking.