iPad Air 3 release date rumors, specs: thinner, sleeker tablet could be launched by March 2017


There is nothing absolutely certain about the third-generation iPad Air for the moment, but just like all previous devices and products from the American tech company, it’s really not that surprising that they only become official days or weeks before the launch. And since there still is no word from Apple about the device, it could only mean one thing it is far from being released. Nonetheless, it also doesn’t mean it has been canceled.

According to a recent rumor, there is a very good chance that the iPad Air 3 will be part of the lineup to be revealed by Apple in its next major event. Although it sounds very optimistic, that event could actually be in March of next year, which means eager fans of the tablet will be in for a lot of waiting.

It could have been released in last month’s iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 event, but it may have been too much for Apple to release that many devices in one setting. To be fair, though, there was no single iPad device released or announced in that September event.

Aesthetics wise, PC Advisor noted that the iPad Air 3 is set to be offered in four different color variants gold, silver, gray, and the newest one in rose gold. There also are speculations that a sleeker design is coming, while others believe that it actually will be a lot thinner compared to the previous iPad Air. The only problem is how would Apple designers manage to make it thinner when its predecessor only had a mere 6.1 mm thickness?

For now, everyone has the right and liberty to speculate as to what the new iPad Air could bring, whether it is a new and improved processor, bigger internal storage, or a more sophisticated display and resolution the most important thing is Apple will hopefully make an official announcement.