iPad Air 3 release date, specs rumors: optimism dwindles on device's existence


Apple really has a lot on its plate right now with the impending launch and/or release of several of its marquee products and devices, including the upcoming iPhone 7, the Apple Watch 2, and some new additions or updates to the MacBook lineup. But one device that’s losing ground in terms of interest is the iPad Air 3, which according to rumors, may actually no longer be included in the company’s future plans.

Some say that the tablet is finally going to be released before the end of this year, but the way things are going and with Apple totally mum and silent about its existence, it looks more like consumers will have to deal with the fact that the iPad Air 3 is no longer possible.

But the best support for those who are still hopeful for its release is a report from PC Advisor, saying that Apple isn’t really totally abandoning the iPad Air lineup and will instead hand it out as a cheaper option for those who cannot afford to pay for the expensive iPad Pro.

Nonetheless, there still is no denying that the tablet is a long shot, not only for this year, but ever. If one is to judge how other upcoming Apple devices are being talked about, it’s quite obvious that so far, there really is nothing to talk about the iPad Air 3 simply because there are no leaks, renders, or even fake photos that are common for the likes of the iPhone 7 and the iPad Pro.

Perhaps the only credible and relevant rumor today is that the device will be coming in as a slimmer version of its predecessor. The question is if it still carries the aluminum body that the iPad has grown accustomed to. But that’s it no other details have emerged as to its specs or new features.