iPad Air 3 release date: specs rumored to include 3GB RAM, A10X chipset


Despite being rumored to have already been replaced by the recently launched 9.7-inch iPad Pro tablet, it appears that rumors about the alleged iPad Air 3 are still alive. Now, they are hinting of a possible approach that can be made by Apple so that the company can introduce the new device and still appeal to consumers as it brings innovation in terms of performancesomething that was not achieved by the 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

The iPad Air 3, long rumored to be the device that would have been launched alongside the new 4-inch iPhone SE, did not see the light of day at all. As it turned out, Apple released the 9.7-inch iPad Pro instead. This move by the Cupertino-based company led some to believe that the tech giant might be discontinuing the entire iPad Air line, and the iPad Air 3 may no longer get released.

However, as with all rumors, talks about the purported device refused to die out. As new information comes in, it seems that Apple might still release the iPad Air 3 and will have something up their sleeves so that this new device would not feel like a forced release just to continue the Air line of tablets.

According to a new report, the iPad Air 3 may boast of an upgrade when it comes to the chipset and the RAM, therefore improving performance. The new device will allegedly come with more memory at 3GB and a new Apple A10X chipset.

Also, rumor has it that the screen resolution will be a stunning 3,112 x 2,334 pixels resolution, higher than what the 97.-inch iPad Pro has. It is also expected that the iPad Air 3 will feature a slimmer design as one of its highlights, even possibly beating the iPad Air 2 that was called “impossibly thin.”