iPad Air 3 release date news: new tablet to launch March 2017, may be the last 'Air' tablet


Is an iPad Air 3 still a possibility? Despite the fact that Apple has released an iPad tablet that was once expected to be the iPad Air 3 but turned out to be the iPad Pro 9.7, there is still a lot of talk surrounding the long rumored iPad Air 3 tablet.

In the past weeks, there have been reports suggesting that Apple might still be working on releasing the iPad Air 3, despite the logical reasoning that a tablet of its specification would not have a place in the market as of now, seeing that the presence of the iPad Pro 9.7 is still a strong one.

However, in a new rumor report, it was tipped that the iPad Air 3 would still be released, and it would be released sometime around early next year. Unlike what was previously rumored for the device, new rumors have it that the iPad Air 3 would instead be released sometime around the month of March.

Previously, it was rumored that the iPad Air 3 would perhaps be coming alongside the new iPhone 7, and may come in as a surprise release with the new flagship smartphone of the Cupertino-based company. There were also rumors that it might be launched alongside the long rumored iPad mini 5, which was tipped to be introduced in a separate event held shortly after the launch of the iPhone 7 series.

However, it was pointed out that launching a new iPad tablet that may be too similar to the iPad Pro 9.7 this year would not be a reasonable move for Apple, since the latter was only released a few months ago and is still considered as something that is new and fresh to the market.

Additionally, there have been talks that Apple would only be releasing the iPad Air 3 to make amends for fans that have been expecting the tablet, but it would in fact be the last and final tablet release under the Air line of tablets, as the company is said to be moving on and branding their entire tablet line with the “Pro” badging.