iPad Air 2 vs Surface 3 Surface 3 has greater functionality but is also more expensive


Tablet became popular when Apple initially introduced iPad to the market. Recently, Microsoft has been trying to grab some of its limelight with the introduction of the Microsoft Surface line ups with a twist a tablet for portability that can also turn into a laptop for more serious sit-down tasks.

Aside from Microsoft’s dual purpose hybrid gadget, which can offer more flexibility to users, it can also offer a seemingly all-in-one device and thus, more efficiency. Researches indicate that Apple’s iOS may be its weak link and Microsoft’s competitive edge, as reported by Information Week. Surface 3, having thin and lightweight features and full optimization of the Windows operating system, gives buyers a difficult decision whether to choose Apple IPad Air 2 or Microsoft Surface 3.

Apple gadgets are known to have sleek designs, and the iPad Air 2 is no different with its aluminum unibody. However, Microsoft will not be left behind as it features magnesium make on Surface 3. Not surprisingly, Surface 3 is heavier and a little broader and thicker with its 12-inch display compared to IPad Air 2’s 9.7 inch, given the software giant’s intent of introducing the unique hybrid tablet/laptop. Speaking of hybrid device, Surface 3 has type cover keyboard and a stylus pen for this intent, to be purchased separately. Apple also has the keyboard option but none of the stylus. It has, however, fingerprint sensor, which Microsoft does not have.

Surface 3 runs on an Intel dual core i3, i5, or i7 processor while Apple uses A8X chipset and triple core CPU at 1.5 GHz. In terms of RAM, IPad Air 2 has 2GB while Surface 3 have 4GB and 8GB options. For the external memory, IPad Air 2 have 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB with no option of memory slot expansion while Surface 3 starts at 64GB and can have as high as 512GB with its external memory slot. Surface 3 comes in Windows 8.1 with an option of upgrading to Windows 10 come its release on July 29, while iPad Air 2 still uses iOS 8.1

iPad Air 2 is priced at around $500 for its lowest model while Surface 3 starts at around $800 and can go up to $930 for the keyboard inclusion.